Hi there, I'm Afshin Oroojlooy!

I am RL research scientist at SAS Institute. I recently defended my PhD dissertation and graduated from Industrial Engineering department at Lehigh University. My dissertation supervised by professor Larry Snyder and professor Martin Takac and is a bridge between supply chain and machine learning and basically shows how we can utilize and extend machine learning algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems in supply chain. I got my M.S. of Industrial Engineering from Sharif University of Technology and B.S of Industrial Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology


My current research is focused on extension of Reinforcement Learning algorithms for real world problems, e.g. inventory optimization on multi-echelon networks, traveling salesman problem, stochastic vendor route problem, customer journey optimization, HVAC, etc. You can see details of them in my publications or read some overview on my Blog...

Please find my resume Here (updated at 11/20/2018). I also serve as system administrator in COR@L Lab.